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Taking care of your business, customers, associates, family, and lifestyle requires diverse resources and deep expertise. We focus on helping you find solutions to your most pressing concerns.


AWM works as your personal CFO so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business and enjoying your life.

Our discovery process provides you objective insights into where you stand today and a clear understanding of what your ideal future looks like. Our planning process offers an action plan on how to build cash flow or prepare for a successful exit. Working with your tax and legal advisors and our professionals in our virtual family office, we can guide you to your ideal financial world. And our comprehensive approach to wealth management is designed to build your wealth, maintain your lifestyle after you sell and ensure that your legacy endures.


Owning a business and managing your wealth presents unique challenges. It requires a delicate balance between business acumen, insightful tax strategy, customized advanced planning, and proactive investment management. Are you on track to achieve your most important business objectives AND build a life of significance? 

Proactive wealth management before and after your business exit will help minimize your tax liability and maximize your value. We focus on synergistic planning across your business, personal wealth, and wealth transfer strategies to help you optimize your assets and achieve all that’s essential to you.


Preparing for a business exit requires specialized planning. How do you plan to divest your business? 

Our exit planning process can help you assemble a professional advisory team, prepare your transition structure, maintain a detailed cash flow plan, understand your tax considerations, provide customized advanced tax and wealth transfer strategies, prepare for post-sale asset management and wealth protection, and prepare you for life after business.

Help Meet Needs At Every Stage


 Running a business can be all-consuming, leaving little time to plan for your financial future. We can help you make sure that your personal finances are in order and that you’re able to reap the financial benefits and tax advantages that ownership may afford.


We will look over the assets of your business and can help calculate the profit you expect to bring in by expanding. To ensure the money you plan to spend will not be more than you project to make,  AWM collaborates with you to find the best solutions to navigate your business expansion.



Most family business owners want to keep the company in the hands of their family. Many would continue running the business themselves to ensure this. At some point in time, transferring the business to a family member becomes a top priority for owners.



You worked hard to build your wealth, and now it’s time for your wealth to work hard for you. Show us a picture of your ideal financial world, and we’ll put all our resources behind helping you achieve a life of significance. 

We start the conversation by understanding what’s important to you and what you want to accomplish. What are your main concerns? Who are the people that matter most to you? How do you want to build your legacy? 

We provide you with solutions designed to achieve your life goals.

Reliable cash flow and income to support your lifestyle and help ensure your financial independence.

Asset growth with the goals of  enhancing your lifestyle, providing for long-term needs, and preparing for the unexpected. Asset protection planning to help ensure you steer clear of financial icebergs.

Focused on wealth creation through unique investments in exponential and disruptive industries. Designed to help facilitate meaningful wealth transfer over generations and support important causes in your life with impactful giving strategies.


A process to gain a clear understanding of your current business and financial situation and what your ideal financial world looks like.

Provide straightforward solutions to guide you on the path to your ideal financial success.

A detailed action plan to maximize your business value, position your investments, and optimize your assets to help you achieve what is important.

An investment policy that prioritizes active risk management aiming to preserve your wealth.

A custom advanced wealth plan designed to address your concerns beyond investments:

  • Business Value Optimization
  • Tax Mitigation Strategies 
  • Lifetime Cash Flow Planning
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Asset Protection
  • Charitable Giving

Regularly scheduled progress meetings to systematically track your progress and arrange your financial affairs to achieve your ideal financial world.

Access to a virtual family office, a network of experienced and credentialed independent experts in their field; taxes, legal, insurance, lending, investment banking, and more.

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